Who needs knots?

2013 Garter Day at Windsor Castle was as fabulous as ever.

In the crowd, someone’s collapsible chair proved to be just that – it collapsed! Fortunately, as usual, I had some “string” with me and managed to effect a temporary repair, at least for the duration of the event.

This just goes to show that there remain situations where only a bit of string and a knot can save the day.

Phil The Rope

A few words of warning …

Those wanting to try their hands at decorative knotting, here are a few things to bear in mind –

Not all rope and cord is kind to the skin, especially when using fingers to tighten a knot. “Colourline” braided cord and paracord are both quite smooth, and nice to work with, but at times you might experiment with other types of rope or cord. Sisal in particular can be quite “prickly”!

Tying decorative knots often involves cutting (or trimming) and burning ends using a lighter. Obviously, knives and flames can be dangerous, so care is essential – youngsters will require supervision when using tools, or an adult should do the cutting, trimming and burning for them.

Small pliers or fids are often used to thread rope or cord – again, care is needed.

Let’s be careful out there!

Phil The Rope

Video instructions

They may be time consuming to produce, but I have often found video instructions easier to follow than textual descriptions.

Being a fan of video instructions, I intend to regularly post more instructional videos myself. They are fun to make, and it’s nice to get positive feedback so that I know folks are helped by them!

A couple of testimonials left on YouTube for the Matthew Walker Knot tutorial –

I cannot begin to express how massively helppful this video was. Thank you very much for your generous and very clear tutorial sir. I wil now begin using this knot in my own paracord creations at once. (eurosalamander)

One of the best MWK tutorials I’ve seen. Thanks for posting! (MrBlack751)

Here’s one for the Single Strand Diamond Knot tutorial –

I DID IT! I did it! WOW!… I think… thanks. (alasdair geddes)

Phil The Rope