Flat Knots

Flat Knots

cross 2



An unusual cross, measuring 12 inches in diameter.




ship wheel


A ship’s Wheel, made from yellow lacing cord. Approximately 12 inches across.




gr8 knots



Flat lettering. Each letter is approximately 5 inches high (13cm). Not fixed into place yet until I decide whether to be “artistic” and make them higgledy-piggledy!





A Picture frame, approximately 8 inches x 7 inches (20cm x 18cm). The centre is approximately 3.5 inches x 3 inches (9cm x 7.5cm).





A pussy cat! This is approximately 10 inches across (25cm). I did consider doubling up, but decided to leave it as is.






A knotted belt – this took a few hours (wish I had a smaller waist!)