Old dog, new tricks …

I thought I’d try something new, and wanted to learn about ply-split braiding.

The Braid Society held a “Try It” day at Westhope Craft College in Shropshire on Sunday 9th March, so I booked a place and dragged myself out of bed early to get there. It was definitely worth the effort!

My grateful thanks to Julie Hedges, who showed quite a few of us the basics of ply-split braiding. Personal attention was given as needed, and everyone was given the help and advice they required, without anyone being rushed at any time. Like all good courses, we all went home with something we’d made ourselves. Julie also taught us how to make our own 4-ply cord.

When I first arrived, Alison gave me a quick tour of the college – a very welcoming reception. She made sure that she showed me where to help myself to coffee too.

I saw so many different work/demonstration areas set up, and I felt like a child in a sweet show with there being so much to choose from! I remained disciplined though, and stuck to ply-split braiding. It’s a fact that I’ll be looking to try some other disciplines in the future. It certainly appeared that those who tried other types of braiding were as well looked after as the ply-splitters, and everyone seemed very happy throughout the day.

The college itself was wonderful. Hidden away in the beautiful Shropshire countryside, it’s the perfect place to learn new skills in a relaxed, family-like, atmosphere. Nice food too!

A thoroughly enjoyable day, and I can’t wait to go back to Westhope. I am also looking forward to meeting more of the folks from the Braid Society.

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